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Fall in Wexford - Wall Street Journal

Fall in Wexford - Wall Street Journal

A few weeks ago i was asked by The Wall Street Journal to shoot a travel feature on the 'Fall in Wexford'. It being Ireland this can be a concerning assignment what with our unpredictable weather conditions. 

I arrived down to overcast skies - but no rain - suddenly the clouds opened up and this stunning Autumn light shone forth for about two hours - where upon i acted as quickly as possible and covered as much exterior ground as possible, working till the light was gone - as i work almost soley with natural light, managing to shoot some interior spaces as well.

The following morning after having been to bed nice and early, and refraining from pubs and music, i awoke to what can only be described as Ireland at its worst - literally horizontal rain and wind. 

Here is a link to the spread.




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